Our Services

Ackerman Law represents buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, borrowers, landlords and tenants throughout the State of Florida. We handle all aspects of your real estate transaction including the sale, purchase, financing or refinancing of your residential property, as well as the acquisition, construction, financing, refinancing and leasing of your commercial project.

Residential & Commercial Transactions (Closings)

Our firm has extensive experience with real estate contracts for both residential and commercial property. Whether the transaction involves the purchase or sale of a single family home, an office condominium or commercial shopping center, you can feel confident knowing that our firm will represent you to review the complex paperwork involved in your transaction.

Title Insurance & Examination

At Ackerman Law, we routinely conduct and review title searches and issue title insurance commitments, as well as clearing title matters on behalf of our clients. We are an approved title agent for the largest title insurance underwriter in the nation and through this relationship, have a wealth of resources to offer our clients.

Short Sales

We represent many realtors who specialize in short sales. With years of experience, we are aware of what the short sale lender is looking for in terms of a HUD, so we know how to assist the realtor in getting the HUD approved quickly and effortlessly. We have processed short sale loans from contract to closing with a 100% success rate.

Opinions & Review of Title

In Palm Beach County, the seller choses the title agent, but it’s to the buyer’s advantage to have someone looking out for their best interests. As a buyer, knowing that your own attorney is reviewing every item, search, survey and document on your behalf is extremely beneficial. We also represent commercial and private lenders by reviewing title searches, lien searches, HOA estoppels, surveys and other documents to ensure the lender is making a sound decision in offering a loan on a subject property.

Sellers Documents

In Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, the buyer typically choses the title agent. However, the seller is in no way obligated to use that title agent to draft their Sellers Documents. Hiring your own attorney to draft these documents allows you to have someone on your side keeping an eye on every detail of the closing. The cost is typically the same or lower than using the title agent and the confidence of having someone you can trust throughout the process is priceless.

Mortgage Loan Closing

On a daily basis, our firm is dealing with banking institutions of all sizes to assist buyers and homeowners who are refinancing their homes through the mortgage process. Having many years of mortgage loan closing experience, we have the training to walk every client through any closing with complete understanding and support. Our closings are always conducted at the most convenient location to our clients, and with offices throughout Florida, we can be extremely accommodating. Further, we work with a nationwide notary service, so out-of-state mail-away closings are equally as accommodating to the client.

Development Financing, Planning & Construction

Real estate developers and contractors choose Ackerman Law to represent them in the all facets of their real estate projects, including but not limited to acquisition, development, financing and re-sale.

Construction Contracts

Having represented developers and builders for many years, we have a wealth of experience preparing, reviewing and executing contracts for the purchase of large tracts of land for either development or construction. Further, we have supplied our clients with special contracts, prepared and tailored specifically for the builder in mind, for the end closing of new construction properties to the residential buyers.

Section 1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell a property and reinvest the proceeds in a new property, to defer all capital gain taxes. We have handled several 1031 exchanges for our investor clients, smoothly and seamlessly.

Homeowners & Condominium Documents

With several developer and contractor clients, we have prepared and set up multiple homeowners and condo associations, including but not limited to the Declaration of Covenants and By-Laws of various associations.

Drafting of Loan & Mortgage Documents

We have represented numerous private lenders and have drafted and prepared hundreds of loan and mortgages packages.

Commercial & Residential Leases

Our firm can assist you in negotiating and preparing residential and commercial leases, structured for your specific needs. A well drafted lease is essential to any landlord or tenant.